Catch the Wind and Fly Over and Through the Storm!

May 2022

Isn't there often something painful going on in our lives?

Recently I was driving and trying not to think about the current painful situation in my own life.  Even though I didn't feel like it, I began to listen to worship music, worship of God Almighty in my car.  Our natural tendency is to sulk and process the pain over and over in our minds and then we sink in the muddy mire and need help getting out. But if we will begin to worship in the midst of pain or trial, no matter how we feel, the Lord will lift us up above the pain and into joy, no matter what is going on in or around us.

As I drove and worshiped, the heavy spirit began to lift and before I knew it, I was smiling, full of joy and worshiping God with my whole heart.  Then as I  began to use one of my arms and hands to worship him as I sang His praises I saw  ribbons of light, like swirly banners of joy were flowing from my arms, hands and fingers like a victory banner flying over all the people in my family and life.    Then I saw that these ribbons of joy were like sails catching the wind of the Spirit of God!   I was being lifted above the circumstance and was flying through rough waters by the Wind of Gods Spirit on the wings of worship.  Worship of God was like the sail of a ship and the wings of a bird!  Try it!  Worship in the midst of pain and watch the pain dissipate as your Creator and Heavenly Father lifts you above it and fills you with life!

I bless you in the name of Jesus!

What was I listening to in my car that day?  It was the VICTORY album by Bethel. 

The Sing a Hallelujah song on that album was written while one of the worship teams baby son

was not expected to live through the night.  But they decided to worship all night on the baby's behalf. 

That song was written and sung for the first time on that night. 

The baby lived! 

But sometimes I listen to Harp Music (by Larry Bean), or old vineyard Worship and other older music.

Sometimes I ask Holy Spirit what He wants to hear, and I worship with that music.

In any case, let the earth be filled with Gods worship!  (Especially when you need a breakthrough.)

Soon I hope to post a list of some of my favorite

praise and Worship music in many different styles.

He loves you so much!

Joy to you!