Harry was a young successful lawyer, highly esteemed amongst those in his circle. He hit the off button on the remote. “Let’s go to bed Kate. I have an early appointment at the courthouse.” Kate yawned in agreement. Sleep came quickly.

Next thing Harry knew he was soaring through the courtroom doors and standing before a Judge. A bowl* was set on the bench. “A bowl on the bench?” He scanned the unfamiliar surroundings.(Continue Reading from previous page...)

Strange light emanated from the Judge that caused everything to be transparent. A glistening court reporter clutched books. To his left the prosecution with its wolf-like eyes that caused Harry to shudder sat with his counsel next to a barred metal door. Behind him were many witnesses, some with wings, and in that crowd, his eyes caught the loving gaze of a fanatical neighbor who had always carried a Bible, but who had died.

Oh God! Am I dead?”

To his right and against a backdrop of gates that shimmered like pearls was the Defense whose eyes radiated such magnetic beauty that Harry couldn’t break gaze with Him.

The Judge spoke: “Open the books!”

With sinister delight, the prosecution waved an arm and a veil lifted to reveal a screen that wrapped around the room. The reporter fed the books into the screen. Every word, thought, deed and transgression committed by Harry or against Harry were now projected for all to see. Nothing was hidden.

Harry opened his mouth to speak in protest but Shame flew from the prosecution's table and covered Harry’s mouth with its claw while

 snickering into Harry's ear, “Did you think no one would see, Harry?”

“Why didn’t someone warn me!?”

Harry then relived the times he’d treated the Bible lady as a fool.  “Oh God! I’m the fool!”

Torment and grief now dug their spindly fingers into Harry’s shoulders.

Harry thought,” If I could just go back...” He whispered “I’m sorry” to the woman in the stands. She nodded and smiled as the prosecution laughed, “It is appointed ONCE for a man to die, and then the judgment!” (Hebrews 9:27)

Despair wrapped its wings around Harry. He crumpled to the floor.

The One with the beautiful eyes spoke: “I AM here to defend you.”

The enemy pointed towards the screen and replayed the worst of Harry’s thoughts towards others declaring “If Harry did not forgive, the Most High cannot forgive Harry!” The demons chanted, “It’s too late for Harry! It’s too late for Harry!” as they pulled him toward their door.

Because of the transparency of this courtroom of Light, Harry noticed there were blobs of black blocking the light so that it could not flow through him. Everything he’d thought no one would ever know was on display. “Oh my God. It was true! And I didn’t listen!” The claws dug deeper and pulled harder.

His accuser pointed, “See how he treated his own brothers! Look at his words flying like daggers! Look at the hate in his heart!” More victorious laughter erupted from the prosecution. The demons still chanted, “It’s too late for Harry!"

With one finger the Defense blew Harry’s enemy backward as He roared, “Release him!”

“It’s too Late! You cannot forgive him because he didn’t forgive! He is MINE! The people he was meant to reach are also mine! “

A new scene appeared on the screen, the man with the beautiful eyes, dripping His blood, dying. Nailed to a cross. Then the Judge poured the bowl of the Bible lady’s prayers onto Harry…the one Harry had thought was a fanatic.

Harry’s turned towards the One dripping blood on the screen.

“You are Jesus!! You did that for me!"

"I AM.  And I did that for you."

The prosecution declared, “Time’s up!”

The Judge commanded, “How do you plead, Harry Smith?”

I plead…I plead…I plead the Blood of Jesus!

The witnesses cheered as the demons screamed, “Nooooooooo!”

The Defense again lifted His finger, and the entire prosecution slammed against the barred door with a crashing...THUD!

The paramedics lifted the defibrillator. “Yeah! We got it!"

Kate’s tears dripped onto Harry’s cheeks. “We thought we’d lost you! Your brothers are on their way.”

Harry mouthed, “I plead the blood…I plead the blood...the blood...the blood of Jesus!"


“There is nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Luke 8:17

*Bowls: Revelation 5:8