Miracles, Signs and Wonders

An Explosion and an Earthquake

Spring 2020  A True Story

It was 6:30 AM.  As the loud vibrating buzz came out of no where, I swung my head upward towards the direction of the thunderous sound. The low hanging stratocumulus clouds lit up like the flash of a colossal camera. The entire sky flashed like a strobe light for as far as i could see in every direction. My mind screamed as my heart skipped a beat. The initial jolt of screeching, vibrating light was terrifying. It died down for a nanosecond, and then returned to full volume as the sky once again flared up with light. Was it a storm? No. This was more far reaching than lightning and more ominous than thunder. It was not a storm. “The rapture of the church!”, I thought.

I froze, staring in wonder the dramatic display of light and sound that would die down but then instantly return to full volume and brilliance. It was like a frenzied high voltage dimmer switch was moving up and down, on and off, on and off.  The intensity of the buzz grew louder and louder, then would soften, the sky strobing brightly then becoming a shadow, over and over. The frequency which permeated the atmosphere flowed through my body. Something strange was happening.


Need a Financial Miracle?

A True Story  


My husband and I married young. As with many marriages, there were issues in which we were not in agreement. Money is one of the common areas in which couples often disagree, and this was our case.

He was a handsome, hardworking, talented carpenter and an excellent mechanic. I was a creative teacher type who cut hair 30 hours a week, and home schooled my sons. I also taught High School History and Drama in our parent-run school. Our young grandson was with us often. There was the cooking and laundry and dentists and all the things that mothers do. Church, school, sports and family activities filled up all the rest of the time. Our house was always full of lively activity, friends and family. It was and is such a joy to be that busy with a family.

My husband and I were both collectors. I collected books and music. He collected cars. I didn’t mind him having a lot of cars and big stuff like that. I would have liked for him to have more.

The problem was that he was constantly pushing me to make more money. I believed he should talk to me first about big decisions. He had many wonderful qualities that I appreciated, but we did not see things eye to eye at all. Money was an especially touchy subject.

I had read in the Word of God what God says about serving either God or mammon*, one or the other. And I had read that we are to seek first God’s Kingdom*, and if we did this, God Himself would add to us everything else we needed. I don't think my husband even heard me when i spoke.

The daily demand was, Make more money! Make more money! But I already felt like a rubber band that was s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to the max.

One morning when I was being pulled especially hard, I snapped. Read More...


Audible Voice of God

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In One Hour He Had the Job He Didn't Get

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The Fire Chiefs

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Grocery Money Came as I Prayed

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Miracles Coming To Your Life Soon too!

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God's Word (the Bible) is alive, and self-fulfilling.

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