Moving Day

 I kicked off my shoes.

“I want to move Lord, right now! I’ve asked You to hide my eyes from all this evil going on so my faith wouldn’t be undermined. And yet again You’ve let another horror movie play out in my own home.  You said that if I relied on and trusted You that You would show Yourself strong on my behalf.* Have I not trusted and relied on You all these years years? I can’t open their eyes, deliver them from evil, heal their wounds, or fill them with Your Spirit.

Now get this evil out of my sight or give me a new place to live. Now. In Jesus name.”

He replied, “Come with Me. Now.

“Yay! Where are we going?”

Jesus gestured past the horizon and said, “We’re moving you to a new place.”

I looked to where He pointed and saw my new house!

“Did I not tell you that I was going to prepare a place for you, and when everything was ready that I’d bring you to where I AM?” (John 14:3)   Yes! I see it! Oh God…it’s so… wow! This is what You’re preparing for me?

I was awestruck. Light streamed with living colors we’ve never imagined. All the people I'd prayed for during those years sat at a table with me, all of us feasting on His goodness together. No one was missing! (II Timothy 1:12) Everyone was young and healthy and beautiful. My kids and their kids and yours were all filled with His Spirit! Permanent joy and peace were the new atmosphere. There was such a multiplication of anything I’d ever asked Him to do for me or for my children or theirs.  It was like a never-ending Christmas Morning... it will take an eternity to open the gifts!

Every longing and dream any of us ever hoped for is there waiting for us to delight in it,

wrapped in His Love and far beyond what we’d expected (Ephesians 3:20).

Mountains and mountains of dreams fulfilled for Sally and Tom

and me and you and this one and that one and all of us!

He’d planned it all out, these exquisitely magnificent, glorious homes and life. Yes, plural… I had homes!  And so did my children! And so did you! And I saw all of us swimming in the Crystal Sea that flowed from the throne of God. We were all so free!  We could dance or soar or anything we wanted to do - in mid-air! There was nothing missing and nothing broken... only Shalom!

Suddenly, I realized that our short earthly experience doesn’t even register on the timeline of eternity. (Romans 8:18) And nothing the enemy does matters once we’ve seen our real home. To be too entangled with anything in this world, good or bad, is like putting hardwood floors in a hotel. In fact, the current pain affecting every one of us reminds us that

this world is thankfully not our home if we are in Christ. (2 Timothy 2:4)

As I continued to marvel over the indescribable beauty and abundance,

Jesus spoke to me. “You are not to take your eyes off of Me no matter what the enemy does.

Whatever you choose to magnify becomes larger, so magnify ME, for

I Am the One Who loves you. (Psalms 34:3)

I Am Lord of the armies of Heaven.

You are to obey all my commands so that My plan for your life and for those on your watch will be carried out.

You take orders from Me, and not from our enemy.

Take no offense and forgive others quickly. 

Daily, stay in My Word until You hear My voice, then obey Me...

...I Am Lord of all, meaning I own it all, so do not hold tightly to anything in the world.

Soon you will receive far more than what you release.

Give to Me your dreams and also your sorrows.

Really believe that I hear your prayers and let nothing disturb your peace.

Fear and worry are not my operating strategies."

I thought I’d melt in His beautiful loving Presence. “So… Jesus? Can I come home with You today?  Can I stay here? ”

“No. Today you are moving into apartment number 1 on 91st street. (Psalms 91:1)  

Now put your boots back on.“

So today I took a trip with Jesus to see my new home.

He asked me to tell all of you to rest in the 91st street apartment

while He installs the hardwood floors in your mansions.


 *II Chronicles 16:8-9          I bless you in the name of Jesus!