Hope you enjoy these stories. 


Harry was a young successful lawyer, highly esteemed amongst those in his circle. He hit the off button on the remote. “Let’s go to bed Kate. I have an early appointment at the courthouse.” Kate yawned in agreement. Sleep came quickly.

Next thing Harry knew he was soaring through the courtroom doors and standing before a Judge. A bowl* was set on the bench. “A bowl on the bench?” He scanned the unfamiliar surroundings.  Read More...

Moving Day

 I kicked off my shoes.  “I want to move Lord, right now! I’ve asked You to hide my eyes from all this evil and yet again You’ve let another horror movie play out in my own home.  You said that if I relied on and trusted You that You would show Yourself strong on my behalf.* Have I not trusted and relied on You all these years? I can’t open their eyes, deliver them from evil, heal their wounds, or fill them with Your Spirit. Now get this evil out of my sight or give me a new place to live. Now. In Jesus name.”

He replied, “Come with Me. Now.” 

Black Friday Specials

Beth and Margie clung tightly to each other so they wouldn’t get separated amidst the swarms of people carrying armloads of baggage.

“Oww! Oh my God this foot hurts! I think there might be a broken bone. Look Margie, it's turning black and blue."

They'd been caught in a stampede as they had entered the mall.

“Yes, it sure is turning black, Beth. Oh Lord. Come on, let’s duck in here. We need to eat anyway.”

“Ok. I’m starving. Dear God, how my foot hurts.”

Margie helped her sister to hobble through the entrance but once inside they found the restaurant no less crowded than the mall corridor.

“Stay here. Be right back.” Beth nodded and winced with pain.

Margie pressed toward the hostess desk and raised her voice over the clamor.


A Quick Conversation and

A Novel Idea

“Mom, which of these do you like for a short article? I can’t decide.”

“The first one is the way the Lord created the enemy in order to seek and destroy evil in His children’s lives the way a military heat-seeking missile follows and hits its target. It’s like none of our pain is wasted because pain is often a ‘seek and destroy’ mission for the eternal good of God’s kids.

Mom smiled lovingly.  "Oh my goodness honey. Where on earth did you get that idea?"

I didn't really get it from earth, Mom. I got it from the Bible. God says in Isaiah 54:16,  “Behold, I have created the smith that blows the coals in the fire… and I have created the waster to destroy.”  I was thinking about how there is no evil in heaven, so it must be removed from us now if we want to go there.  Right?" 

"Yes, but doesn't He also say in the very next verse that... Read More...