It Is The Lord Who Will Save Our Children

Isaiah 49:24,25

Can the plunder be snatched from the mighty, or the captives of a tyrant be delivered? Indeed, this is what the LORD says:

“Even the captives of the mighty will be taken away, and the plunder of the tyrant will be retrieved;

 I will contend with those who contend with you, and I will save your children.

Jotted on a piece of paper, this scripture (above) was handed to me by someone in my church concerning my children when they were young adults. This person said the Lord wanted me to know this scripture was from Him. Later in the year I was sent this same scripture from two other people I did not know. It doesn’t matter what you see or hear that your children are doing, there behavior is a lie if you are standing in faith on the Word of God for them. God says, “Yes! I can snatch them from the mighty, and I can deliver them from tyrants and from the tyranny of evil and sin!” God’s Word is the Truth and overrides the lies of the enemy, as stated by Jesus in John 14:6:

I AM the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life, and no man comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

One of Jesus’s names is The Word of God. (Revelation 19:13)

Add those two scriptures together and get the answer to the equation: The Word of God is the TRUTH! The Word of God is greater than he that is in the world (I John 4:4). If we turn from sin/evil to Jesus, the Son of God, He will forgive and save us, then the blessings of the Word/Son will trump every evil and every curse. Period, no matter how bad it looks for the moment. The sky is darkest just before the downpour that cleanses the air and waters the earth, right? Repent with tears and let the water of Holy Spirit pour over your wounded heart and soul. You are loved! Your Heavenly Father longs to forgive you! His Son came to save you…receive it! Joy awaits you! Believe Him! Nothing is too hard for Him! (Luke 1:37; Jeremiah 32:17; Mark 9:23; Genesis 18:14…many more places!)

Let us enter God’s Presence with His Word in our mouths and let us KNOW and USE the power of the Blood…the Blood of the cross.

Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus, I come before You on behalf of my children and grandchildren and family with Your Word in my mouth and a thankful heart! Thank You Lord that You will contend with that which contends with me and YOU will save my children (and theirs!) I plead the blood of Jesus over all my offspring and family! Thank You Jesus that where I or my offspring or husband are weak, that YOU are strong on our behalf! Thank You Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!

(From early 2009)